About the Hightower Lowdown

JIM HIGHTOWER, America's most popular populist, is a best-selling author, radio commentator, public speaker, and all-around political sparkplug whose credo is "You can fight the gods and still have fun." Twice elected to statewide office in Texas, he has long battled the Power that Be on behalf of the Powers that Ought to Be: working families, consumers, the environment, small businesses, and just plain folks. His latest book is called Swim Against the Current: Even A Dead Fish Can Go with the Flow. You can read more about Jim and keep up with his latest commentaries over at JimHightower.com.

PHILLIP FRAZER co-founded The Hightower Lowdown in February 2000, and co-edits the newsletter with Hightower. He writes about politics, the environment, and life in general, and has edited and published numerous political magazines and newsletters. He grew up in Australia, where there's nothing in the middle of the road but yellow stripes and dead kangaroos.

LAURA EHRLICH, who runs Hightower and Lowdown's research empire, brings with her a double-degree in Rhetoric and Public Policy from the University of Texas. She's located in the Austin office and has the three cutest dogs in the world.

BRIAN DUFFY is the Lowdown's cartoonist. After a twenty-five year career at The Des Moines Register as the last front page cartoonist, Duffy has joined a majority of those in his profession in the land of the freelancer. His cartoons are nationally syndicated by King Features Syndicate and appear in over 400 newspapers. He keeps close to his roots by producing local cartoons, including animated cartoons for central Iowa television station KCCI. As a competitive cyclist he stays well clear of the middle of the road knowing that nothing good happens there.

SAHU BARRON is a graphic designer and author who heads up the Lowdown Office in the Rest of the World. She's been the designer of the Lowdown since 2001.

CODY GARRETT is our copy wiz. He has done many strange things but none so challenging as being campaign manager for Kinky Friedman's 2010 run for Gov.

DEANNA ZANDT is the digital media maven and makes sure the website looks pretty and runs like a champ. She's got her hands busy stirring many pots, so go check her out to find out more.

JACKSON FRAZER keeps the Lowdown website up to date.