Lowdown Call-Up #2: Student debt strike! Featuring Latonya Suggs and Ann Larson of Debt Collective

By Deanna Zandt - Tue., 5/5/15
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Lowdown Call-Up #1: Save the public post office! Featuring Mark Dimondstein, President of the APWU

Cowboy hat By Jim Hightower - Wed., 3/25/15
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On March 24th, Hightower hosted our first ever Lowdown Call-Up-- a strategy discussion covering the slow-motion mugging of the public post office. His guest was none other than Mark Dimondstein, president of the read more]

VIDEO: Hightower at the Sydney Writers Festival

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Hightower made his first journey to Australia last month, and we got ahold of video with him in conversation with the publisher of the Hightower Lowdown, Phillip Frazer. Take a look! [Watch larger... [read more]


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This is not judicial activism, it's judicial radicalism – a black-robed political coup over America's historic democratic ideals. Five men have just overthrown the power of the people's vote, enthroning corporate money as supreme in all of our country's elections. Jefferson, Madison, and the... [read more]

Two big wins for populism: Hightower wins Nation/Puffin Prize; Dobbs quits CNN

By Hightower staff - Thu., 11/12/09
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We are nearly speechless (rare in our office), and thrilled to announce that Hightower is the recipient of the 2009 Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship. Below are the full details in a press release sent out this morning. Combined with... [read more]

VIDEO: Hightower debates McCain on Afghanistan

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LIVE: Hightower in Denver, Live From Main Street!

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On Sunday, 8/24, Hightower appeared on stage in Denver at Live From Main Street's "So You Say You Want Change: Exploring the Conflicts and Opportunities Ahead" Hosted by Laura Flanders -- with guests Van Jones, Donna Edwards, and many... [read more]

VIDEO: Free market hypocrites

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Here's today's provocative question: Why do so many giant corporations hate the marketplace? Do you want to put this video on your site or blog? You can embed the... [read more]

VIDEO: Cowboy George, horse thief

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We've learned the hard way over the past seven years that George W lives in his own fantasy world--a place in which reality is whatever he wants... [read more]

VIDEO: Reagan on Rushmore

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I must admit that the seven-year reign of Bush & Company makes me yearn for the years of Ronald Reagan, when the term "conservative" merely meant right... [read more]

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